Best Sandy Beaches in Madeira Island

Porto Santo

Madeira Island is a unique place in the center of the Atlantic, with a mild climate, green and dense vegetation, where the beaches and nature delight tourists.

As the island’s formation is volcanic, you will find few beaches of natural yellow sand.

Most of the existing beaches are rocky formation or dark sand.

Those seeking the island for a few days on the beaches will have no trouble finding them and on this list, I will show the beaches and its nature to get to know the island’s before you go on the road.

In any case, the charm of the beaches is not limited to its sand, but also to the quality of the water and its landscape framing.

Without losing time, this is the list of beaches that you should know on the Madeira.

As a bonus, I will also indicate the natural pools you find on the island.

Yellow Sandy Beaches

Porto Santo Beach, Porto Santo

Porto Santo Beach
Porto Santo Beach

Porto Santo beach is one of the most known on the island, with a wide area of fine and golden sands that make its brand image.

With its crystalline and warm turquoise waters, this beach becomes a unique place in our country and a rare one in the world, having been voted the best “dunes beach” in the “7 Wonders – Beaches of Portugal” competition.

The sands formation from Porto Santo beach consists of microfossils and small fragments of calcareous algae, shells and other fossilized remains of marine organisms.

It is a zone of great biological productivity that has reached the present day, presenting therapeutic and medicinal qualities and attributes that are due to the physical, chemical and thermal properties of its biogenic carbonated sands, important for the treatment of orthopedic and rheumatic diseases among others.

Machico Beach, Machico, Madeira Island

Machico Beach
Machico Beach

Machico Beach is located in Machico village and is an artificial yellow sand beach with infrastructures to support swimmers.

One of its peculiarities is to be able to watch when taking off / landing of the airplanes in the Airport of Madeira, whose track is just next door.

Next to this beach, there’s a parking area, several restaurants, and cafes with terrace and showers.

Calheta Beach, Calheta, Madeira Island

Calheta Beach
Calheta Beach

Praia da Calheta is an artificial beach of yellow sand, located in the city of Calheta, Madeira and is one of the most sought after beaches by bathers.

It was the first artificial beach to be created in Madeira in 2004 and has a varied offer, which goes through security services, spas, first aid station, and restaurants.

Praia da Calheta is an excellent choice for those looking for sun and sea for nautical activities, or simply for those who want to enjoy a lively and relaxing beach day.

Dark Sandy Beach

Laje Beach, Seixal, Madeira Island

The Laje beach, known as Jamaica beach is located in the north of the island in the parish of Seixal.

This beach is hidden among cliffs and has a unique beauty with the contrast of green mountain vegetation with the crystalline blue of the sea.

The name Jamaica beach came from the plantation of palm trees on the promenade leading to the sea. This beach of black sand is distinguished, not only by the crystalline waters but also by the tranquility that it transmits.

Porto Beach, Seixal, Madeira Island

The beach of Porto do Seixal is a beach of black sand that formed next to the Port of Seixal.

In this beach, we can glimpse a magnificent landscape of the north coast of the island of Madeira, on the border with the Atlantic Ocean.

Although this beach is not guarded, it has a shower.

Prainha Beach, Caniçal, Madeira Island

Prainha is a black sand beach of volcanic origin located in “Ponta de São Lourenço”.

On this beach are the “Piedade Dunes”, which are limestone fossils of geomorphological interest.

In this zone of the Island landscape is arid, painted of yellows, browns, and oranges in contrast to what is habitual in this island, where the green of the mountain is the predominant color.

This beach area features a restaurant, changing rooms, parasols and sun loungers and a car park.

Alagoa Beach – Porto da Cruz, Madeira Island

Praia da Alagoa is located in the parish of Porto da Cruz on the northeast coast of the island.

This small black sand beach has good access to the sea and has a restaurant area, solarium, changing rooms, toilets, a bar of support, sun loungers and fixed umbrellas for rent, and parking on the public road

Rocky beaches

Anjos Beach, Ponta do Sol, Madeira Island

Praia dos Anjos is located on the site of the Angels, between the village of Ponta do Sol and Madalena do Mar.

It is a beach composed of basalt stones and black sand is a unique place to enjoy a great day of the beach.

On this beach, you will find a bar and toilet.

Fajã do Cabo Girão Beach, Funchal, Madeira Island

“Praia da Fajã do Cabo Girão” beach is located under the famous Cabo Girão cliff, the second largest sea cable in the world.

It has neither infrastructures nor surveillance. It is a gravel beach that stands out for the natural beauty and quality of the waters

It is a secluded beach with access only by sea or the cable car of the ranch.

Formosa Beach, Funchal, Madeira Island

Praia Formosa is located west of Funchal and is the largest public beach in Madeira, and is a complex consisting of four sandy beaches and basalt pebbles.

In this beach complex, we find support infrastructures such as parking, changing rooms, WC, an emergency room, a children’s playground, a sports center, a soccer field, restaurants, and bars.

Its safety in the bathing season is ensured by a team of swimmers.

Ponta Gorda Beach – Funchal, Madeira Island

In the Ponta Gorda beach complex, you will find three saltwater swimming pools, one for children, a playground and good support equipment that guarantees the comfort and safety of all who attend it

The access to this beach is made by the public promenade and is located in the west of Funchal.

Ribeira Natal Beach – Machico, Madeira Island

Natal Ribeira Beach is located in Caniçal, in the Municipality of Machico, and is formed by round stones.

This warm waterside beach offers a quiet and peaceful environment, with connection to the promenade that extends to the center of the village of Caniçal, where you can enjoy a pleasant walk by the sea.

It has good facilities, plenty of space for sunbathing with loungers and fixed umbrellas, surveillance during the bathing season, a support bar and car park.

Natural Pools

Seixal Natural Pool, Madeira Island

The Seixal Natural Pools are a magnificent place with volcanic rock formations located in the parish of Seixal, on the island of Madeira.

Poll Access is free and there is no surveillance service. The pools are known for their crystal clear waters and the beautiful landscape that surrounds them.

Price: free access

Porto Moniz Natural Pool, Madeira Island

Porto Moniz natural pools are beautiful, the volcanic rocks contrast with the crystalline blue water is wonderful.

The natural pools are formed by volcanic lava rock and the water is salty, because the sea circulates naturally with the tide, keeping the water always fresh.

The pool space consists of an area of ​​3,800 m² and includes a bar, changing rooms, lifeguard and sun loungers and umbrellas rental during the summer.

Price: 1,5€ adult. Free for children under 3 years

Now that you’ve got to know most of the beaches on Madeira Island, you can jump into your car and take to the road.

The island has a lot to offer you, but for now, start with the beaches!

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