Best country houses in Portugal for family holidays

Country House

Taking the time to relax in the countryside, next to a swimming pool or simply catch the fresh air in a quiet place is something very refreshing.

If we reconcile this scenario with a pleasant family vacation, we will have all the resources to achieve some unforgettable and pleasant moments.

I have put together several suggestions for a holiday in country houses with the family in several areas of Portugal for some well-deserved rest days.

Being the father of two children, I always have the concern to search for suitable places for the little ones’ needs and certainly, that is also your concern.

These places that I’ll show you offer all safety conditions and tranquility to enjoy a few days in Portugal in the company of your family.

Portugal is known for being a safe place for family and kids, with friendly people and delicious gastronomy.

If you combine all this with the perfect accommodation, you can gather all the ingredients for an unforgettable holiday.

Casa do Valle, Sintra

It may be a small B&B spot, but Casa de Valle punches way above its weight. From here you can have the scenic view for Sintra Mountain.

Around it from a distance are palaces with a taste of architecture of the past years. The environment is serene and suitable for kids of all ages.

There is a computer room to keep you in touch with friends. Besides, you can play board games as a family. Doubles go for €70 and €15 for every kid. It is fairly an affordable place.

Things to do

There is a lot to explore on this part of Portugal.

You can start with the towers of Pena and the iconic Ramparts. Remember to include the Moorish Castle in your must-visit list.

For a thrilling experience, pack your gear to Sintra Canopy and choose your position among the multiple zip lines. For the adventurer in you, jump into a train and head to Lisbon.

Awaiting you are the Oceanarium, notorious trams, and custard tarts.

Where to eat

You are in Portugal so you should eat as they do. Café Saudade is the place for you and your entire family. They serve local delicacies cakes and sandwiches.

Quinta das Achadas, Western Algarve

How does the countryside experience sound for you?

It is not like you are going back in time to the dark ages.

This is a farmhouse with everything a family would need during a holiday. You will breathe the fresh air from the orange, almond, and fig trees.

You can choose from three different sets of apartments with a taste of the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. For breakfasts, you can bask in the terrace as you take on eggs, jam, and bread.
Surprisingly, these all come from the farm.

There is a playground with swings, slides, and table tennis for kids. It is a beautiful view, and you cannot resist extending your stay by a few more days.

For an apartment with sleeping space for four, you pay €1,150 for a week. It is a deal you cannot refuse with all the add-ons it comes with. Breakfast is part of the package.

Things to do

Lagos is only a few minutes from here. You can go there for scuba diving, windsurfing, kitesurfing, and wind sailing. You can enroll for lessons from the pros.

Where to eat

For that family-friendly dining experience, I would recommend Cafe Odeon. They are affordable, and you get to enjoy generous serves for pancakes and burgers. Your kids will not forget this place.

Casas da Comporta, Alentejo

It is easy to underrate Comporta for its sleepy mood and the slightly ramshackle air.

For your information, this is where the big shots from Lisbon come for a sandy break.

Top in attraction are bungalows and the glass-clear sandy beaches.

While the cottages may be a bit on the high-end, Casas da Comporta has a very affordable village setup ready to be your home for the time you will be around.

There is a string of villas and apartments perfectly decorated for an entire family.

There is everything for kids to play and enjoy. For you, Troia peninsula beaches are calling for your attention.

The rates are €75 a night for an apartment for four. This is a bargain you will not get anywhere else.

Things to do

A short boat trip will get you to Sado Estuary. This is a nature reserve with a rich flock of dolphins and white storks. During winter, you get a rare chance to see red flamingos.

Where to eat

Setubal is the place for sumptuous local delicacies. You should take a ferry and cross to the other side. The main treats here are deep-fried squid and cuttlefish. You will lick your fingers.

Quinta Coimbra, Centro

When the cosmopolitan is not your favorite cup of tea, Coimbra has doors open for you.

With a rural setting and space for the big family; it is a holiday package you cannot wish away.

The stone building gives you comfort like you never left home. Its décor is a collection of antique furniture, matching wooden floors and ceilings.

The walls are attractive with a befitting whitewash. You can share it among a family of four.

Surrounding this holiday haven are rivers with crystal-clear water and beaches with pristine sand. You can never have enough of swimming. For a week, you part with €343 for a week.

Things to do

Are you a fan of kayaking and swimming? Mondego river is the spot for you. Do not leave here without a visit down to medieval Coimbra. There is a lot for your eyes to take in. Alternatively, there is a go-kart track and a bowling alley at Villa Nova de Poiares.

Where to eat

Portugal is mad about ice-cream, pasta, and pizza. It will be an injustice if you do not have a taste of their local versions. For that lifetime eating experience, Restaurant “Giuseppe & Joaquim” will leave your palate yearning for more.

Quinta Bouca d’Arques, Minho, Norte

North Portugal here we come. In the heart of Minho, is a manor with 300 years of history.

Make your choice from a laidback traditional apartment or the contemporary additions.

Whatever you settle for; you will have access to the salty swimming pool, woods to play hide and seek, a playhouse, and a biking trail. A night here goes for € 99 a night with sleeping space for two adults, a kid and a cot for a baby.

Things to do

Lima River is close by. A short drive then some boat trip will get you here for a wild swim. Besides, you can take a ferry to Praia do Cabedelo. This is an excellent choice for SUP boarding and surfing.

Where to eat

You will have plenty of eateries on this side of town. At Viana, treat your family to a round of “Bolas de Berlim“.

Restaurant “O Espegueiro” is only 5-km from here. They serve the authentic taste of Portugal.

Additionally, there is a playground for your kids and a terrace to catch some cold breeze.

João Jungle, Assafora

This house is located near Lisbon and it’s an amazing place to spend a couple of days with family and kids.

In this accommodation near the quiet place of Assafora, you will find some rustic houses with swimming pool, very pleasant and relatively close to the beach.

You will find many outdoor activities such as tennis, fishing, windsurfing, golf or hiking.

Things to do

You can choose to go to the beach and schedule some surfing lessons. If you feel like it, go to Sintra to see the palaces and the village.

Where to eat

You will find some good restaurants to eat nearby, such as O Parcelas. If you want to have a snack, you can go to Casa De Tostas Absurdo to taste delicious sandwiches.

Villa das Rosas, Sintra

This place is a very nice place, with renovated 19th-century buildings practically in the heart of Sintra, being possible to walk to the center of the village.

All of its stylish rooms and suites have garden views and are individually decorated. Some offer views of the nearby Moorish Castle.

Things to do

Being close to Sintra, it is possible to rent bicycles to get to know the village or to go to the beach.

If you prefer a more cultural visit, you can visit the Museum of Modern Art or the Olga Cadaval Cultural Center

A massage service is also available on request.

Where to eat

Since it is close to Sintra, you can not miss the opportunity to taste the famous “Queijadas de Sintra”.

For a more complete meal, you must try “Sabores Do Mercado” or “Taberna Criativa” that will get you to know the local gastronomy at its highest level.


Now that I have made known several country houses for you and your family, among the many that exist in Portugal.

These places offer all the conditions of safety and tranquility to enjoy a few days in Portugal in the company of your family.

Come and take a few days of rest in Portugal in the best country houses in the country.

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