How to do Lisbon on a budget

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In recent years, the popularity of Lisbon among visitors has exploded. It should not surprise you why this is happening.

The city has beautiful weather all year round, delicious food, and it is relatively cheap than her European peers.

However, the bit about being affordable is now taking a shift. The massive number of visitor is pushing things towards the expensive edge.

Accommodation and eateries will take up a considerable portion of your budget.

From here you’ll learn how o do Lisbon on a budget.

From free things to do, cheap eateries and affordable transport; you will find a reason to visit Lisbon even on a shoestring budget

Lisbon on a budget? how?

Lisbon may be catching up with her cousin and sister cities in terms of expenses, but the Portuguese capital is not yet up there.

For a keen traveler, you will have a chance to spend modestly and still get the best out of everything you do. How is that possible? Relax; you will get to know that in a few.

Free things to do in Lisbon

One of the most obvious ways on how to do Lisbon on a budget is looking for free things to do. There are plenty of these in the city and will not cost you a dime.

Take a lazy walk at the Riverfront

The Tagus waterfront is waiting for you. It is open and free to the public any time you wish to take a walk.

You can stroll from Praca do Comercio to Belem. For your information, Belem is the historic spot where ancient Portuguese navigators started their journeys of adventure.

You can choose the Doca de Santo Amaro path that will take around 30 minutes walking to the riverfront.

Go to the beaches

One of the things that put Lisbon onto the map of must-visit destinations is her pristine sandy beaches.

On the east are the Buzzy Cascais and Glitzy Estoril. You can easily get to them via the train line.

These two beaches stretch all the way from the Tagus Estuary to the Atlantic Ocean.

For surfing enthusiasts, Caparica is the place for you.

Join the locals for free concerts and events

The festival calendar in Lisbon is always full. Summer is the epitome of festivals and concerts with Santo Antonio (June 12th to 13th) being the mother of all festivals.

There are parties and parades in the streets. The streets of Alfama are where it turns out to be a massive party for dancing.

Street food stalls will make sure you never go angry.

Admire the city from the sky

There is a better way to see the city. Find one of the many “miradouros” to have a panoramic view from above.

There are a series of hills around the city, and you can pick one for your adventure.

Each of the hill’s peaks has a café to keep you warm. You can go with “Miradouro de Santa Catarina” or “Miradouro de Santa Luzia”. Each of them has a great view down to the city.

Go to the markets

“Mercado da Ribeira” is the biggest market of them all, and a great invitation for a walk. There is fresh fish, vegetables, and fruits of all kinds.

You can as well take your lunch out here as there are many stalls and restaurants. It is all fun out here and you end up spending way less than you would in a hotel at the heart of the city.

It is such a relief when you do not have deep pockets to pay for fun.

See the city from the water

When looking for a ridiculously affordable way to tour Lisbon, a commuter ferry comes top of your choices.

The city has two major terminals in “Terreiro do Paço” and “Cais do Sodre”. From the edge of water, you can see the beauty of the city for as low as €1.25.

Such is less than you would pay for a drink!

Low-cost flights to and from Lisbon

One of the things that can claim the lion’s share of your travel budget is flight. Therefore, you have to be careful on the flight packages you settle for.

Luckily, Lisbon has budge flights from most of the top cities in Europe. Easyjet and Ryanair are some of the low-cost flights you should consider.

Make sure whatever you settle for does not cripple your budget and make it a dull experience in Lisbon.

Using alternative transport

Again, traveling within Lisbon can be costly. Do not go for conventional taxis or any other form of luxury transport.

For short distances, Uber bikes and lime scoters will come in handy. Additionally, public transport is not a bad idea when you have the time to wait.

Cheap places to stay in Lisbon

In contrast to many top cities in Europe, Lisbon still has some affordable places to stay. There are hostels serving free breakfast each morning of your stay. You can well opt for hotels housing rooftop bars that serve complimentary cocktails during some seasons of the year.

On top of the cheapest accommodation is Airbnb. Chiado Loft with a patio is a great spot. You will have an entire apartment to yourself and your family on the fourth floor. It stocks 3 beds and can sleep up to 4 people. The host is friendly and will make sure you miss nothing.

Lisbon Poets Hotel is another excellent choice. It is one of the oldest places for a budget accommodation and knows how to take care of guests. You will have a bird’s view of the city and short walking distances to shopping centers and street food stalls.

Cheap places to eat in Lisbon

When in Lisbon, your pocket should not suffer from huge expenses on food. We know where to eat for less and to your satisfaction.

The Food Temple serves big portions for vegetarian. It may not be easy to make an order but expect to pay less for what you eat.

Lisbon’s street food is a treat befitting a five-star rating. They know how to cook, and you will not be left with empty pockets. Some of the greatest treats you get a “bifana” (pork sandwich) or
“prego” (beef sandwich). You won’t spend more than €3 for either.

Rosa da Rua is another top eating spot that will take care of your pocket. They serve an all-you-can-eat buffet for both lunch and dinner each day of the week. On Cozido day, every Wednesday, prepare your palate for a tasty mix of meat, vegetables, and smoked sausage. With a lunch or dinner budget of as low as €11, you no longer have to worry about how much or where you eat.


Well, if you have been wondering about how to do Lisbon on a budget you now have the answer.

You have affordable places to sleep and eat.

Besides, there is a lot you can do to trim down your budget.

You now have no reason why Lisbon should no be in your bucket list.

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