What are the most romantic places in Portugal

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If you are thinking about taking a romantic holidays in Portugal, here are some suggestions for you!

From north to south of Portugal you will have several options for all tastes, from cities, towns and villages that will delight you and your partner.

Without delay, the list I suggest includes several options that will surely please you.


As you may already know, Porto is north of Lisbon and older than the latter.

The two have their similarities in being in the middle of hills, situated next to a river, and great romantic destinations. However, do not be fooled because the two cities are very different.

Porto is a bit gray and colder, thus forcing lovers to stay closer. Its aura is a bit of a mystery hence a top attraction for visitors. Arguably, this city is home to the best dishes all over the country.

If you know what some good food tastes like, then here is your chance at it in Porto.

Porto is among the most magnificent places a couple can visit in Portugal.

At this seaside town, you will find some of the best honeymoon attractions that you could ever dream of. Porto is famous for the Douro River and its port wine.

Wine tasting is a custom here and you should give it a try. Douro River acts as the boundary between the town and its neighboring city, Vila Nova de Gaia.

This city has an alluring laid back atmosphere that is very desirable, and it’s full of attractions for you and your soulmate to enjoy during your honeymoon.

The city has an old-world nostalgia thanks to its intricate ancient architecture, traditional tiles, and mosaics. Additionally, the restaurants in this town serve amazingly delicious food that as a couple you will be thrilled to try.

While in Porto, make sure that you visit the colorful monuments and also the stellar wine cellars.


Ponte 25 Abril
Ponte 25 Abril

For the best romantic places in Portugal, the capital, Lisbon had to make to the list.

This capital has carved a name for itself as one of the most popular honeymoon destinations worldwide. While in Lisbon for your honeymoon, you can stay at The Alfama district.

Here, you will get a chance to listen to live Fado music, Portugal’s tragically romantic folk genre. In the evening, you and your lover can go to the banks of Tagus River and have your dinner in one of the fantastic restaurants here.

You can also visit the famous historical monument of Belem, which sits along the banks of this river.

The Miradouro de Senhora do Monte viewpoint offers a jaw-dropping sunset view over the Atlantic that you and your lover are bound to remember for the rest of your lives.

When your palates are dry and ready for a tasty treat, the restaurants in Alfama district will give you finger-licking traditional delicacies.

The great eateries are one thing that brings lovebirds from all over the continent. After sunset, Principe Real and Bairro Alto are your top picks for a drink and dance the night away.

With both local and global music, you are closer to home than you think.

For those looking for adventure, Lisbon is a gem with some of the most beautiful sightseeing spots.

When you are done and beaten, you can pop into a nearby spa and get your body kneaded into fine form. It should not surprise you if you choose to add a day or two to your stay.


Madeira is one of the most fascinating archipelagos in Portugal and is made up of four sun-soaked islands.

This archipelago boasts of a unique subtropical climate, and you can visit for your romantic holiday almost any time of the year.

The main of the four islands which is also called Madeira is home to the mesmerizing Ponta Sao Louremnco Nature Reserve.

This nature reserve is a perfect place for a breathtaking romantic breakfast picnic at sunrise. In this town, you can also enjoy a romantic candlelit dinner at one of many traditional restored manor houses or “Quintas” and even by the sea if you prefer so.

As you spend your honeymoon here in Madeira, make some time to visit the UNESCO World Heritage Laurissilva Forest.

Laurissilva Forest is full of lush valleys and tranquil waterfalls that will take your appreciation for nature to the next level.

Sao Miguel Island


San Miguel Island is undoubtedly one of the loveliest places in Portugal suited for a honeymoon.

At this island, you can be sure that you won’t run out of romantic stuff to do or fun.

One of the most engaging activities that you can partake in here is the dolphin and whale watching tour off the coast.

Through this, you will have a personal experience with these adorable sea mammals.

You can also get to enjoy a natural spa experience at the Terra Nostra Botanical Park geothermal pool.

San Miguel has several other geothermal pools where you can enjoy the blood warming experience.

The geothermal pools are surrounded by crystalline lakes and lush green hills that you can also explore during your romantic holiday.

The Algarve region

Algarve is synonymous to sand, sun, and sea. The beaches here are known all over the world.

It is an unrivaled spot to come and show your undying love to your new bride. Interestingly, there are global-famous golf courses here.

If you would love to try your hand in golf, this is one destination you can never go wrong with. The region is strict about preserving its heritage, and you will find some of the 18th century iconic architecture, giving you a big welcome.

Sagres and Lagos to the east still bear the Roman influence. Get lost into the history of the region as you sample local cuisine and head to the beaches when you are tired.

The Algarve region is mainly made up of Faro, Tavira, and Salema.

This region is among the best romantic places in Portugal thanks to its shimmering blue waters and endless stretches of soft sand.

The Algarve region has beautiful towns along its coastline, which makes it perfect for honeymoons and romantic getaways.

The region also has some of the best resorts in the country, and if you would like to stay in a villa, your options are plentiful.

There are also numerous iconic sceneries in this region that you can enjoy with your soulmate.


Faro is Algarve’s capital, and it sits in the southern part of the region. This town is known for its breezy calmness, which makes it very ideal for a honeymoon.

You can go to the beaches for wave watching and sand bathing with your lover while here.

Praia da Rocha beach is one of the most iconic beaches here. If you would like to explore the town more, feel free to book a Faro taxi to Estoi village.

This village sits 10km north or the region’s capital and is famous for its intricately tilled pink Palace and other preserved Roman ruins. You can also take a boat trip the isolated island of Ilha Deserta famous for its exotic nude beach.



Tavira seats east of Faro and its rise to fame as a popular honeymoon destination is thanks to its historical authenticity.

The town is also very welcoming, and you won’t find any overbearing crowds of tourists, and this calmness also adds to its attractiveness.

Tavira is a holiday destination with a rich history and is known by most locals as the “beautiful Old Town”.

The beaches here are near perfect with main attraction here being the island of Ilha de Tavira which is south of the coastline.

You can also spend your time here with your soulmate walking along the banks of Gilao River. Pego de Inferno is one of the three waterfalls in Tavira and is the most iconic of them all – so make sure you visit it.

Treat your lover for a romantic dinner made of mouthwatering local seafood cuisine and white wine as you keep an eye on the sun sinking into the ocean. 


Salema is another beautiful place that you should go to for your romantic holiday.

This destination has a love vibe in its air. There are numerous resorts here that provide specialized services to visitors who are there for a honeymoon or romantic holiday.

The beaches in Salema are mesmerizing and very inviting if you are looking to soak your body in the sun rays.

Adventure is also plenty in this town as you can participate in kayaking or take a trip to the fantastic Costa Vicentina national park. There is also a golf course in Salema if you fancy the sport.  

This village-set romantic haven is only three hours from Lisbon in the south.

While the beach experience will leave you with nostalgia, it is not the best thing about this place. Salema has not been ravaged by heavy tourism.

You will not see crowds of visitors in every spot you go to. In fact, you can be the two of you at one place without anyone in the sight.

Eating places are scanty; there is only one outdoor market, one main street, and a dozen of stucco houses.

This is a spot you can escape and forget about the rest of the world. For a discreet romantic getaway, Salema fits the bill.


Now that you have several options, choose the one you like best for your romantic vacation in Portugal.

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