What is Portugal known for?

Portugal Flag

Portugal is a relatively small country but has many attributes that make it big.

Many ask why Portugal is so popular? What is Portugal known for?

Among many answers, those in which Portugal is best known are the Beaches, Football, Golf, Cork or Port wine, but there are other attributes that have great weight and that begin to be references of great prominence.

Knowing the attributes that make Portugal a known country is very important for those who visit and the list that follows is a brief summary of what this country is about.


Football Stadium
Football Stadium

There are several celebrities in Portugal who are great footballers. You cannot think of Portugal and avoid some minutes taking notes about the football legends in Portugal.

You can think of celebrities such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Luis Figo, Rui Costa or Eusébio who have made the country stand out in football.

There are even some travelers who would like to visit Portugal to get to know more about the backgrounds of the famous footballers from Portugal.


Fado, a unique musical genre, usually sung by one person accompanied by classical guitars.

In its essence, fado expresses the feeling, the dislikes of love, the longing of someone, the daily life, and the conquests.

Fado as an urban song from Lisbon, an identity symbol of the city and country, was classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Its name comes from the Latin ‘fatum’, which can be translated as ‘destiny’.

Port Wine

Port wine bottle
Port wine bottle

If you love wine, then visiting Portugal can be a great idea. Portugal is famous for producing port wine.

Why is Portugal so popular? You may be wondering if you notice most of your friends who are wine lovers flock the destination.

There is a place dedicated to making wine in Portugal. You can visit Douro Valley in northern Portugal to enjoy wine tasting.

You can have the privilege of enjoying special dessert wines, among other great tasting wine.

When it comes to port wine, there is no place on earth which stands out like the experience you will enjoy while in Douro Valley.

Exquisite beaches

Portugal has an exquisite coastline with reliable weather. The seaside and resorts make the destination stand out in Europe.

Many vacation goers would like to enjoy beach breaks. The country has well-developed beaches which have everything tourists would like to enjoy as they spend their good time.

For those who would like to enjoy marine life, the beaches are well connected, making it easy for them to enjoy different adventures while at sea.

Surfing destination


There are several surfing destinations in Portugal which attract many people all year round.

Surfing destinations such as Sagres, Peniche. Algarve, Matosinhos, and Nazare attract many surfing enthusiasts.

Portugal Atlantic coast has attractive waves which many surfers would love to tackle.

Golf Courses

Do you love playing golf? There are enough golf courses in Portugal to make you prefer the destination.

Several golfing organizations have recognized Portugal golf courses which make many people who love golf prefer the destination.

Back in 2014, Portugal was awarded the best golf destination in Europe as well as the best golf destination in the world.

Many golfers would like to be associated with a place where there are great golf courses.

You can visit Portugal, and you will get the opportunity to interact with other golfers.

It is a great destination where you can visit and get the opportunity to interact with other golfers.

Rolling waves of the Atlantic Ocean

Some travelers will like to play with the well-developed waves.

Portugal boasts of having the best wave where you can take time and enjoy your free time.

There are different sports you can engage in the sea, such as surfing.

Portugal stands out as the best destination where you can interact with other people who are ready to enjoy water sports.

The rich history of Portugal

Portuguese are known to be great historical sailors.

They discovered the tip of Africa and Brazil. Many people even believe Christopher Columbus was from Portugal.

Many people are interested in learning more about history. They find the destination is a great place where they can visit to learn about the history of great sailors.

The strategic location of Portugal in Europe makes it a great place where you can go and get to know more about the locals.

Cork and Cork-Based Products

Portugal is the top producer of cork. The largest cork forest is available in Portugal.

The country exports consist of about 7.5% cork and cork-based products. If you can check on most wine bottles, you will discover cork stoppers cover them.

Many people interested in learning more about cork and cork products find themselves in Portugal.

Tiles (Azulejos)

Those who are attracted to architecture find themselves in Portugal.

Tiles protect many buildings in towns such as Lisbon from the outside.

The beautiful buildings in Portugal covered in tiles have a history behind them.

For instance, travelers can get to learn about the Moorish Rule in Portugal, among other areas when the buildings were built. If you love art and architecture, you will find Portugal a great destination to try.

Friendly People

People would like to travel to places where they feel welcomed.

You may be wondering why is Portugal so popular, but the welcoming people in the country play a great role.

There is the rule of law in Portugal; hence, people know they can travel on business trips or for any other reason, and they will still enjoy their freedom in Portugal.

If you would like to interact with the locals and get to learn about the rich culture, you can easily do so.

The locals are welcoming people whom you can interact with and enjoy your free time.

Many people prefer visiting Portugal because they know they will never get bored upon arrival in Portugal.

There are several tourist attractions ties where you can visit in Portugal to make your trip interesting.

Good quality accommodation facilities

Many people prefer visiting Portugal because they are assured of readily available hotels.

When travelers plan their trips, they would prefer places where they can access accommodation to suit their budget needs.

There are luxury as well as low-cost hotels in Portugal, which attracts many people.

Enough restaurants which serve cuisine from different parts of the world serve visitors to their satisfaction.

Different travelers have their specific requirements in hotels.

Portugal stands out in offering a wide range of hotels to meet the needs of different travelers.

Top notch food served in restaurants

You can go for local cuisines or stick to your native food.

Portuguese restaurants meet world-class standards in serving quality dishes.

There are those who would like to try new foods. Portugal does not let them down.

It has a highly qualified chef who takes time to come up with the best dishes.

The hotel industry in Portugal has developed to accommodate the needs of different people.

You will never run short of options if you visit Portugal.

The destination has well-developed restaurants which serve world-class dishes.


Now that you have a more precise notion of the reason why Portugal is well-known, you can plan your visits in order to get more parties out of these attributes.

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